Bitcoin 2018 at $5,500 and $55,000
There is always speculation when it comes to the bitcoin price. The fact is, however, that you cannot predict the Bitcoin and other Altcoin prices because none of us can look to the future. What is possible, however, is to
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Bitcoin: 3 possible reasons that have brought the price back above 8000 USD
In the last few days, the Bitcoin surpassed the USD 8000 mark in a very short time. Previously, he stepped on the spot for several weeks. We have compiled 3 reasons that could have triggered the last outbreak above the
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Ethereum, IOTA and other Altcoins
There are thousands of crypto currencies. Many are clones of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is specifically designed to transfer money, there are complex systems that also use the blockchain technology, but are mainly designed for secure and decentralized application of programs
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Bitcoin up 17 percent
After months of downswing, investors are returning to Bitcoin & Co. on a larger scale. The oldest and most important crypto currency rose by up to 17 percent on Thursday – not as much as in the past four months
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Power usage
Bitcoin is often described as unecological because of the power consumption during mining. It has to be said that the established financial industry also needs many resources. In addition, mining is often carried out where the electricity is surplus, e.g.
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5 things every Bitcoin beginner should know about
No idea about crypto currencies? Doesn’t matter. The following are some of the most important concepts when it comes to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Attention: The following lines neither replace your own research nor want and can they be
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Ethereum blockchain to help hurricane victims
The USA, in particular, is repeatedly confronted with severe natural catastrophes such as extreme hurricanes. The east coast is currently preparing for the arrival of “Florence”, a hurricane larger than Germany. In order to accelerate subsequent insurance processes, a Swiss
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What is a sidechain?
A blockchain typically consists of a chain of blocks. This chain is usually called the main chain. It links the individual blocks so that a blockchain is created. In addition, there are the so-called sidechains, which run alongside the main
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