Eight Percent of Ethereum Nodes are in Singapore

Blockchain’s trustworthiness is ensured by the nodes that verify transactions. These nodes, distributed all over the world, help keep digital currencies decentralized. This does not mean, however, that all nodes are distributed equally.

According to February 20 data from Bitnodes, there are 10,464 bitcoin nodes in the world, distributed in 115 countries. Below are the 10 countries with the largest number of Bitcoin nodes.

In these relatively early days in Bitcoin’s history, the distribution of nodes is still concentrated in the United States and Europe. Looking more closely at the data, however, reveals more surprising details. Singapore, which has a population of only 5 million, has 319 bitcoin nodes. That number is not much smaller than the 371 nodes in an enormous country like China.

The node distribution of Ethereum, at least according to data from Etherscan, is even more interesting. 

There are 7,707 Ethereum nodes in the world. The United States still dominates. But Singapore has 632 full nodes, even more than China, which only has 548. Japan and South Korea also make an appearance, demonstrating their status as rising stars of the crypto world. 

Just for fun, we also looked at Tron nodes: https://tron.network/, There are now 1138 nodes. Singapore ranks fifth, with 68 nodes. 

Singapore’s ranking in the top 10 node locations for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron are likely related to Singapore’s warm welcome of blockchain technology. Node distribution reflects different countries’ attitudes toward cryptocurrency.


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