Bitcoin Enthusiast Sends Diary Over Blockstream Satellite

Blockstream seems to be working. An unknown Bitcoin enthusiast has been sending his diary about the Blockstream satellite for over a week now. What is behind the mysterious figure?

There are simple methods and there are elaborate (but exciting) methods to communicate. A mysterious Bitcoin fan, who appears to be a software developer from the former Soviet Union, has recently made use of the latter option. For a few days now, the anonymous sender has been sending messages through the airwaves to make the hearts of the Bitcoin community beat faster.

The Twitter user @notgrubles first drew attention to the confused figure. Well, the sender had feared that his messages would never find an addressee.

On the seventh day “Post-Soviet Person”, as the discoverer baptized his mysterious friend, did not rest, but stroked a dog puppy.

Bitcoin without Internet
Blockstream already seems to work. The company around founder and Cypherpunk Adam Beck has set itself the task of bringing Bitcoin to the remote regions of the world. The company uses a satellite that synchronizes nodes on the ground with the blockchain – without an Internet connection. The Venezuelan development team around Locha Bitcoin proves that this is not science fiction.


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