Buy Bitcoins from Coinbase

After these 3 easy steps you are the happy owner of Bitcoins!

  1. Register with Coinbase
    First you have to create a Coinbase account. This ensures a secure environment for storing your bitcoins and a simple payment method for converting your bitcoins into the local currency. To keep the coins even safer, however, I advise you to buy your own Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. Connect to your bank account
    Connect to your bank account after registration. Before you can use your account, you must first perform some verification procedures. After completing these steps you can make your first purchase.
  3. Buy and sell Bitcoins
    After you have made your first purchase, Coinbase completes your process and delivers your bitcoins. (Sales are made in the same way, only vice versa). The bitcoin price can change over time, so Coinbase always shows you the current exchange rate before making a purchase.

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