Ethereum offline transaction

Safety first! In this article I will explain how to send Ethereum or ERC20 tokens comfortably and securely offline. During this process, the private key is never connected to the Internet, therefore unavailable to hackers. To start this transaction you need 2 computers. One that is connected to the Internet online and the other that is completely offline. To completely disconnect the 2nd computer from the Internet, it is best to deactivate all network adapters.

To help you understand what you need to do on the online computer or offline computer, all actions from the online computer are displayed here in normal font and all actions from the offline computer in italics. This will help you to distinguish between the two systems.

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Download MyEthereumWallet

First download the website “MyEtherWallet” from Github. -> Here

Now copy this offline website via USB stick to your offline computer and open it.

generate information

Now click in the menu pocket of on the menu item “Send offline” on both computers.

Now copy in the field: “From Address:” the Ethernet address from which the ethers are sent. In this example:


Now 2 numbers are displayed. You either have to remember them or copy them into a text file which you save on the USB stick and make available to the offline computer.

Generate Transaction

Now switch your workstation to the offline computer and enter the following information under “Step 2: Generate Transaction”.

To Address: The desired recipient address
Value: Ethereum (or also ERC20 token) Amount
Gas Price: The number displayed on the online computer under point 1
Nonce: The number displayed on the online computer (number of transactions to date)

Unlock Wallet

Now you have to open your wallet with a private key. In this example: 69ea179e5f4b27a65b6f7be11bddae7207602efbc7f1fc8e2f8ade69a9e9e4fa

Then click on “Generate Transaction” to receive the signed transaction. Then copy it to a USB stick and paste it to your online computer.

Send transaction to network

Now switch your workstation back to the online computer. Now insert the previously saved transaction (from the USB stick) into the field in step 3 and send the transaction to the Ethereum network.

If you follow exactly these instructions and always use your private key only on the offline computer that never has a connection to the Internet, this method of sending Ethereum is extremely secure. This is especially recommended for wallets with a high value.

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